Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kayli Jo's Extreme Make Over

Before Sprial Diva

Are we there yet?

Final Masterpiece!!
Today I took my niece Kayli Jo out for a day of pampering, she got her first perm with Aunt Kimmie :) We took her to my fav hair girl (Holla...Christeena @ Joys!!) She did so good in the chair for 3 long hours! She has beautiful hair and it really needed a pick me up, with her new do she can wake up, wet her hair add some mousse and off to school. She is the only girl with 3 brothers so she doesn't get a lot of girl time. We had a good morning together and then we went and got Jayden to join us for a gourmet lunch at McDonalds. I like being the fun aunt who gets to spoil every now and again. Aunt Kimmie loves you, my beautiful little 'KJ'!


Kallie said...

Kayli looks darling. You are such a fun aunt, who would love having you around to spoil them?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE HER NEW DO! :) Maybe you could talk my mom into letting me get my hair like that!! :)

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