Monday, September 1, 2008


Ok, so I've joined the band wagon and started the series! It is actually a really good read, I won't list any details on the blog because I hated not being able to read someones post because I hadn't read the book yet.

I started when we went camping this weekend, I had all but a 100 pages left when we arrived at St. Anthony's and I finished book one the next morning. I liked it so much, I had Cory go into town and buy my New Moon, which I finished before we got home on Sunday..:)

I love to read, and I hate to start books because I get attached and have to finish it. I'm a fast reader, if you didn't catch that already so it was relaxing to get to read some while hanging out with family. I also like to read in the truck, it makes the trip go by faster.
I'm looking forward to finishing the next two of the series Eclipse & Breaking Dawn before Cory get's back from Montana on Friday. He's going up to visit his half brother and is leaving tomorrow, so I'll have some time to finish it!

So thanks for letting me borrow your book Cortney, it was worth every second!

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Lindgren Family said...

I am almost finished with New Moon, you are definitely a fast reader. New Moon wasn't as hard to put down as Twilight, so I haven't got through this one as fast. I have heard from many sources that Breaking Dawn is the best so I am trying to get there before somebody says something and ruins it for me.

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