Monday, September 1, 2008

St. Anthony's

We took out yearly trip this Labor day weekend up to St. Anthony Sand Dunes just outside of Rigby, ID. We go with Cory's family: Uncle Joe & Aunt Linda, his cousins Ashley and her hubby Jesse, Brydon and Cory's grandparents. Chelsea is visiting from Vegas so she went with us, along with her Dad Denny and Cory's Mom.
They restricted camping on the dunes where we normally camp, so this year was especially 'fun' if that's what you want to call it. Basically, we camped in a pile of sticker bushes next to the loudest and most obnoxious people you can imagine. They blasted their stereo and reved the bikes until 3 AM! (yes I know how old I sound right now, thank you)
Sleeping wasn't a real treat, but Jayden seemed ok. We did have a couple of really good rides, Cory and I rode in the Razor and everyone else on their bikes. Jayden did good, he got to where he'd lay back on my chest and fall asleep most of the time. When he was awake and Cory would take us over a straight up and down dune, Jayden would say 'Me done, Daddy, me done!' Chelsea took a turn driving Cory's razor and tipped it over on a sharp turn..we did learn the seat belts work, they kept her in tight! She hurried and turned the engine off because she said she didn't want to blow up! :)
We had fun, I love spending time with Cory's family & it was nice having Papa & Grandma with us. We actually took the girls this time (Gussie & Addie) Gussie doesn't like the dirt so she'd lay on anything that wasn't dirt related. Addie just loves people so she's happy wherever. Jayden found all kinds of dirt to play in, roll in and swallow. He is a 100% boy!
We came home a day early, because the weather wasn't looking good (And Cory was going to kill the neighbors!). We made it to North Ogden and ran out of gas pulling the camping trailer and the bike trailer. Cory's gas gauge was off because of all the pulling, so we had Lisa bring us some gas. Apparently, because it's a diesel, you can't just start it again. Lisa took Chelsea, Jayden, me and the girls home while Uncle Mark came to the rescue and towed Cory and all three rig's home!
He got the truck started today, so all is well. We learned our lesson, just like Grandma says 'It's just as cheap and easy to fill it at half full as it is to run it all the way out!'

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