Sunday, September 7, 2008

sLuMbEr PaRtY 2008...

This weekend I had all of my nieces & nephews over (with the exception of baby Alison)! I've been wanting to do a slumber party with them since the basement was finished but haven't found the time until now.
We had a great time..sleeping didn't go so well (OK, I didn't sleep at all!) But overall it was great. Would I do it again? Yes with the older kids, maybe not have the babies stay the night. But it's so hard to say no when I saw how much fun they all had. Harrison was so excited about everything, I'm pretty sure I could've made him eat dirt and that would've been great with him too! I learned something new about each of them and decided to share a few:

Cole: I can't believe how old you are getting! You helped me out so much that night. You make me laugh with your silly faces and how you try to keep the peace your other siblings. You can steer the Tahoe very good, with the exception of a few fast turns :) Wanting to impress your Uncle Cory, I can't believe you ate 5 Pancakes! I'm so glad I get to be your Aunt!
Ethan: You are just as big and growing everyday. You don't have quite the peacekeeping skills that Cole does, but you love to have fun. You are addicted to the Wii and you like showing the smaller kids how to do things. You are a MANIAC driver....I'm scared for when you get your driver's license. I love to watch you flop around while you's like your arms weigh 400 lbs and you don't know what to do with them! Thanks for spending the night!
Kayli: You are truly a princess...full of energy and love to play 'mommy' with your siblings. I think you know every word to Hannah Montana :) I'm pretty sure you were awake all night, which would explain why you slept in the longest! I'm excited to take you to get your hair done.
Brynne: You are a CUTIE PIE! You have such a fun personality...the things that come out of your mouth, I have no idea where they came from. You have a funny laugh, it makes me smile! You play so good with the babies, thank you for your help!
Dalton: You were the most creative out of the bunch! You are a huge sports fan and want nothing more than to be with the older boys. It was so funny watching you next to Cole & Ethan, they tower over you! No fear, your day is coming and you'll be the one towering over all!
Noah: Even though you had one accident, you are so funny. I loved watching you dance around in your party hat and undies...made me laugh :) You loved going potty in the 'red' bathroom, you asked me 'Your bathroom pretty, does your dad pee down here?' I laughed so hard, I almost cried. I told you 'No, my mom won't let him :)' Made me feel like a kid again, thanks Noah!
Jaxon: You are so sweet! I'm pretty sure you could play with a balloon all day and night and not notice anything else. I think it's funny how excited you get over things and loving you are. I'm sorry you got scared and had to go home. You cuddled me the whole way! Maybe next time you can stay the whole night.
Harrison: My little buddy...I love you watch you play. Everything was so exciting for you, I loved watching you and Jayden play the balloon walk game. You have the greatest poses. Our special time was at 7 in the morning when everyone else was watching cartoons and you said 'Me sit in Kimmie's lap?' I tickled your arms and head and gave you kisses all over, you almost went back to sleep! I love you buddy!
Jayden: It was so fun watching you with all the kids! You have a hard time sharing because you don't have to do it very often, but you did great. I'm so glad you have so many cousins to play with and grow with. It will only get better as you get older. I'm so proud to be your mommy, you are my masterpiece!

I think that about sums it up! I think it'll take me a year to recover, but no one got hurt and nothing got broken..pretty good results if you ask me!

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Jenn said...

You are one crazy girl! I have done that too with my neices and nephews and it gets a little crazy! It's lots of fun though!

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