Monday, September 1, 2008

One down, 20 to go!!

I'd like to announce that I received my first 'A' since returning to College :) It has been such a hard transition back to school with family & work, it was a really nice treat to complete my class with that grade. Cory seems to think I'm a perfectionist (where would he get that idea?) and that there aren't a lot of people who put everything they have into what they do like me. I actually thought that was a very nice compliment!
I do give my best at everything I do and if I come even the slightest behind the top...I feel let down. I'm hoping to keep up this track record as I finish my bachelor's, yes I know I won't die if I graduate without high honors...but if I can why not, right??!

My next class starts on the 10th of September, so I get a nice 10 day break from school..yippee! I'll start into Management Theory...sounds kind of scary. I'll be sure to keep you updated.

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Taylor's mom said...

I didn't know this!!! why am I learning about it on the blog????
Good Job

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