Sunday, September 7, 2008


Cory made a trip to Cascade, MT this last week. His Dad moved up there in the early 80's, remarried and had Josh, Cory's half brother. After Doug passed away, there has been here and there contact between Cory and Josh. Last summer, Josh came down and we went out to dinner with everyone. It was nice to get to meet him and right away it sparked an interest in Cory, they've kept in touch through e-mail ever since.

Josh just announced his engagement to a wonderful girl, Shannon (CONGRATS!!) Cory decided he'd make the trip up by himself this time and we'll all go up in April for the wedding. He hasn't been up there since he was in his early teens, so it was long overdue. Cory said he had a great time, but really cold. (He rode his Harley to save on gas) Seeing Doug's grave was a bit surreal, but he was glad he did it. Pam, (Josh's mom) mentioned how uncanny the resemblance was between Cory and Doug. Cory is just a bit older now than Doug was when he past away. It's been a tough year for Cory knowing this, he's had a lot to think through and a lot of unanswered questions I'm sure.

I'm so proud of him for making the trip, he's not one to adventure, out especially if he doesn't know people that well. Luckily, Josh and Cory made a connection that I couldn't be happier about. Cory is such a strong, husband,father and brother... I know last week while Josh and Cory were standing at Doug's graveside, he was there with his arms around the both of them smiling as big as a Father can.

Thanks for taking care of Cory and welcoming him into your home Josh & Shannon, you're very special people!

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