Monday, September 22, 2008

Laramie, WY

This last weekend, Laurie and the kids finally made the move up to Laramie, WY. James has been up there for about a month with a new job and decided he likes it. They rented a small 3 bedroom house and will be up there for about 2 years...2 long years :(. Cory, Jayden and I rode up there Friday night to drop off the trailer with their stuff.

We didn't get there until 1:30 a.m., we had our usual fun with trips. Yes we ran out of gas again.. I know I know, I've heard it all. We also blew another tire out, it seems we have great luck with trailers and traveling. We slept in the living room on a mattress with the three of us, it was kind of fun sleeping next to Jayden (almost sleeping, he didn't close his eyes until 6 am I swear!) we don't let him in our bed so I liked to cuddle. We were so tired in the morning, Laurie came down stairs and whispered 'Good morning, you're still in hell!' We laughed!

I really had a hard time leaving her and the kids there, I kept asking 'Are you sure you don't want to just come home with us?' I'm sure it wasn't very supportive at all, but for purely selfish reasons. I love having Laurie close by, our boys have fun playing together and I'd like the option to stop by (she teases me because I hardly ever do, but at least I had a choice before!) I got to play with Alison in the morning, I kept telling her to remember my face. I made the twins swear to help their mom everyday and told Brynne & Harrison the same. I did really good until I started giving the kids a hug good-bye, by the time I got to Laurie, I couldn't even look at her I was crying. I didn't get to say all that I wanted, so I'll use my post as a second chance:


I know that home is where your heart is and your heart is where it should be, with James and the kids. You are such a strong woman, you're raising 5 kids and you do it with such success. I respect you so much and look up to you in so many ways. You and James have a wonderful relationship and it shows throughout your family. You are such a loving and caring mom, you always have the answer. Just when I think you're capable of no more, you amaze me again. You run errands with all of the kids and make it home in one piece. You have such support for your husband and have a 'can do' attitude. I'm so thankful you're my sister, I learn so much from you and you make me laugh. Your faith is incredible and you truly are an example for all of those who wish we had more. Blessings are endless with you and James near by. I love you so much and can't wait for your visits. Cory took our picture and said we have the same smile, you and I laughed and said we have the same laugh too! I'd like to add to that and say we have the same heart as well, because I always carry you in mine.

I love you lawrence of arabia,


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Les Misérables

This weekend I went with my mom and Aunt Laurie to St. George to see Les Misérables at the Tuacahn theatre. The theatre was beautiful and the play was amazing! We went to my Aunt's WorldMark by Wyndam resorts. The accommodations were wonderful, however the bus ride 4 hours prior to the show I could've lived without. They took us on a tour of the canyon near the theatre, then we waited for the marvelous buffet :( not so much! We actually got to see my Aunt Geri and Uncle Brent from Vegas that I haven't seen in a long time so that was great too.

It was really fun because I haven't been able to spend a lot of time with my mom this summer because of vacations and work. I LOVE spending time with her, she is so fun. We laugh so much my stomach hurts! She makes the funniest faces at people when she is thinking they are weird.

We went shopping (I know, big surprise), relaxed in the hot tub one night and had a lot of fun. I'm really glad I went, I was pretty hesitant going because I had such a hectic week with work and not seeing Jayden or Cory at all. I also had two papers due by Sunday for school, so the water was right up by nose..I'm drowning, I'm drowning!! It turned out to be marvelous to relax and have a good time with family.

Of course, I missed Cory and Jayden like crazy. I talked to Jayden on the phone everyday, him and daddy had fun playing with cars and bike rides to grandma's house.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

sLuMbEr PaRtY 2008...

This weekend I had all of my nieces & nephews over (with the exception of baby Alison)! I've been wanting to do a slumber party with them since the basement was finished but haven't found the time until now.
We had a great time..sleeping didn't go so well (OK, I didn't sleep at all!) But overall it was great. Would I do it again? Yes with the older kids, maybe not have the babies stay the night. But it's so hard to say no when I saw how much fun they all had. Harrison was so excited about everything, I'm pretty sure I could've made him eat dirt and that would've been great with him too! I learned something new about each of them and decided to share a few:

Cole: I can't believe how old you are getting! You helped me out so much that night. You make me laugh with your silly faces and how you try to keep the peace your other siblings. You can steer the Tahoe very good, with the exception of a few fast turns :) Wanting to impress your Uncle Cory, I can't believe you ate 5 Pancakes! I'm so glad I get to be your Aunt!
Ethan: You are just as big and growing everyday. You don't have quite the peacekeeping skills that Cole does, but you love to have fun. You are addicted to the Wii and you like showing the smaller kids how to do things. You are a MANIAC driver....I'm scared for when you get your driver's license. I love to watch you flop around while you's like your arms weigh 400 lbs and you don't know what to do with them! Thanks for spending the night!
Kayli: You are truly a princess...full of energy and love to play 'mommy' with your siblings. I think you know every word to Hannah Montana :) I'm pretty sure you were awake all night, which would explain why you slept in the longest! I'm excited to take you to get your hair done.
Brynne: You are a CUTIE PIE! You have such a fun personality...the things that come out of your mouth, I have no idea where they came from. You have a funny laugh, it makes me smile! You play so good with the babies, thank you for your help!
Dalton: You were the most creative out of the bunch! You are a huge sports fan and want nothing more than to be with the older boys. It was so funny watching you next to Cole & Ethan, they tower over you! No fear, your day is coming and you'll be the one towering over all!
Noah: Even though you had one accident, you are so funny. I loved watching you dance around in your party hat and undies...made me laugh :) You loved going potty in the 'red' bathroom, you asked me 'Your bathroom pretty, does your dad pee down here?' I laughed so hard, I almost cried. I told you 'No, my mom won't let him :)' Made me feel like a kid again, thanks Noah!
Jaxon: You are so sweet! I'm pretty sure you could play with a balloon all day and night and not notice anything else. I think it's funny how excited you get over things and loving you are. I'm sorry you got scared and had to go home. You cuddled me the whole way! Maybe next time you can stay the whole night.
Harrison: My little buddy...I love you watch you play. Everything was so exciting for you, I loved watching you and Jayden play the balloon walk game. You have the greatest poses. Our special time was at 7 in the morning when everyone else was watching cartoons and you said 'Me sit in Kimmie's lap?' I tickled your arms and head and gave you kisses all over, you almost went back to sleep! I love you buddy!
Jayden: It was so fun watching you with all the kids! You have a hard time sharing because you don't have to do it very often, but you did great. I'm so glad you have so many cousins to play with and grow with. It will only get better as you get older. I'm so proud to be your mommy, you are my masterpiece!

I think that about sums it up! I think it'll take me a year to recover, but no one got hurt and nothing got broken..pretty good results if you ask me!


Cory made a trip to Cascade, MT this last week. His Dad moved up there in the early 80's, remarried and had Josh, Cory's half brother. After Doug passed away, there has been here and there contact between Cory and Josh. Last summer, Josh came down and we went out to dinner with everyone. It was nice to get to meet him and right away it sparked an interest in Cory, they've kept in touch through e-mail ever since.

Josh just announced his engagement to a wonderful girl, Shannon (CONGRATS!!) Cory decided he'd make the trip up by himself this time and we'll all go up in April for the wedding. He hasn't been up there since he was in his early teens, so it was long overdue. Cory said he had a great time, but really cold. (He rode his Harley to save on gas) Seeing Doug's grave was a bit surreal, but he was glad he did it. Pam, (Josh's mom) mentioned how uncanny the resemblance was between Cory and Doug. Cory is just a bit older now than Doug was when he past away. It's been a tough year for Cory knowing this, he's had a lot to think through and a lot of unanswered questions I'm sure.

I'm so proud of him for making the trip, he's not one to adventure, out especially if he doesn't know people that well. Luckily, Josh and Cory made a connection that I couldn't be happier about. Cory is such a strong, husband,father and brother... I know last week while Josh and Cory were standing at Doug's graveside, he was there with his arms around the both of them smiling as big as a Father can.

Thanks for taking care of Cory and welcoming him into your home Josh & Shannon, you're very special people!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ashley & her Great Dane Charlie (What a baby!!!)
Grandma said I could Mom!
Jayden & Grandpa Denny by the fire
(Could Jayden find anymore dirt?) Please don't put me down Grandma, the dirt will get me!
Notice the title on his shirt, it say's it all!
Grandma & Jayden racin in the Razor!
Charlie scoping things out
I wonder if I could fit in here?
Stare down....don't let the height difference fool you, we know who's the boss!
Cory in his all black razor, all black helmet next to his all black truck!

St. Anthony's

We took out yearly trip this Labor day weekend up to St. Anthony Sand Dunes just outside of Rigby, ID. We go with Cory's family: Uncle Joe & Aunt Linda, his cousins Ashley and her hubby Jesse, Brydon and Cory's grandparents. Chelsea is visiting from Vegas so she went with us, along with her Dad Denny and Cory's Mom.
They restricted camping on the dunes where we normally camp, so this year was especially 'fun' if that's what you want to call it. Basically, we camped in a pile of sticker bushes next to the loudest and most obnoxious people you can imagine. They blasted their stereo and reved the bikes until 3 AM! (yes I know how old I sound right now, thank you)
Sleeping wasn't a real treat, but Jayden seemed ok. We did have a couple of really good rides, Cory and I rode in the Razor and everyone else on their bikes. Jayden did good, he got to where he'd lay back on my chest and fall asleep most of the time. When he was awake and Cory would take us over a straight up and down dune, Jayden would say 'Me done, Daddy, me done!' Chelsea took a turn driving Cory's razor and tipped it over on a sharp turn..we did learn the seat belts work, they kept her in tight! She hurried and turned the engine off because she said she didn't want to blow up! :)
We had fun, I love spending time with Cory's family & it was nice having Papa & Grandma with us. We actually took the girls this time (Gussie & Addie) Gussie doesn't like the dirt so she'd lay on anything that wasn't dirt related. Addie just loves people so she's happy wherever. Jayden found all kinds of dirt to play in, roll in and swallow. He is a 100% boy!
We came home a day early, because the weather wasn't looking good (And Cory was going to kill the neighbors!). We made it to North Ogden and ran out of gas pulling the camping trailer and the bike trailer. Cory's gas gauge was off because of all the pulling, so we had Lisa bring us some gas. Apparently, because it's a diesel, you can't just start it again. Lisa took Chelsea, Jayden, me and the girls home while Uncle Mark came to the rescue and towed Cory and all three rig's home!
He got the truck started today, so all is well. We learned our lesson, just like Grandma says 'It's just as cheap and easy to fill it at half full as it is to run it all the way out!'


Ok, so I've joined the band wagon and started the series! It is actually a really good read, I won't list any details on the blog because I hated not being able to read someones post because I hadn't read the book yet.

I started when we went camping this weekend, I had all but a 100 pages left when we arrived at St. Anthony's and I finished book one the next morning. I liked it so much, I had Cory go into town and buy my New Moon, which I finished before we got home on Sunday..:)

I love to read, and I hate to start books because I get attached and have to finish it. I'm a fast reader, if you didn't catch that already so it was relaxing to get to read some while hanging out with family. I also like to read in the truck, it makes the trip go by faster.
I'm looking forward to finishing the next two of the series Eclipse & Breaking Dawn before Cory get's back from Montana on Friday. He's going up to visit his half brother and is leaving tomorrow, so I'll have some time to finish it!

So thanks for letting me borrow your book Cortney, it was worth every second!

Detox Update

I promised to give you an update when I finished my first detox, I'm a little behind :( (no pun intended :)
I finished the detox, SmartCleanse and it actually was really good. I felt better all around than I had in awhile. Towards the end, my stomach got a little crampy but it wasn't too bad. I'd always felt bloated, especially towards the end of the day and didn't have that anymore.

My face isn't 100% clear, but I did notice a difference. I think I mentioned in my first blog about it that there are different levels of detoxes, my first being a easy one. I purchased another detox, this one a bit more heavy. You still take two types of cleansing pills, one in the morning and one at night but you also remove different types of food from your diet while doing this.

It's a two week cleanse, and three days out out of it you eat and drink nothing but a special drink mix in the box (basically lemon juice, maple syrup & water...YUCK!) I'm hoping to lose a few pounds while I'm at so we'll see how this one goes.
I'll be sure to check in when I finish it!

One down, 20 to go!!

I'd like to announce that I received my first 'A' since returning to College :) It has been such a hard transition back to school with family & work, it was a really nice treat to complete my class with that grade. Cory seems to think I'm a perfectionist (where would he get that idea?) and that there aren't a lot of people who put everything they have into what they do like me. I actually thought that was a very nice compliment!
I do give my best at everything I do and if I come even the slightest behind the top...I feel let down. I'm hoping to keep up this track record as I finish my bachelor's, yes I know I won't die if I graduate without high honors...but if I can why not, right??!

My next class starts on the 10th of September, so I get a nice 10 day break from school..yippee! I'll start into Management Theory...sounds kind of scary. I'll be sure to keep you updated.
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