Saturday, August 2, 2008

To Cleanse or not to Cleanse

For those of you who know me well probably are aware of my extreme hatred of my face. Well, maybe not so much my actual face but the acne that comes with it.
I'm almost 30 years old and I have teenage acne that NEVER goes away. It's on my mind constantly, I'm extremely obsessed with my appearance (yes I'm aware I have a problem) and my skin doesn't help in that matter. I see a esthetician on a monthly basis, get chemical peels, extractions and every other device from the devil. Nothing seems to take it away, so this last appointment my esthetician recommended a detox.
I've been skeptical because I'm not real excited to put herbal remedies in my body, but I've tried everything else and I hate dermatologist pills, so detox here I come. I've included a link that talks about the aware, not for the faint of stomach. Colon and Toxin cleansing is basically getting rid of all the junk your body holds onto. There are heavy duty $100 programs but since I'm just testing the waters, I decided to go to my local health food store and get a cheaper $25 starter kit.
Basically, I take 2 cleansing pills and 4 fiber pills twice a day (12 pills..yikes!) I'm on day 10 and I've noticed a difference. I don't feel as bloated and I can definitely tell a difference in my bathroom habits. Not enough to cause concern or make it so I can't work or function, so we'll see what happens. It's a 30 day process, I'll report back on day 30! So far along with the pills and my last chemical peel I do see a difference in my skin. I hoping more improvement, because I demand perfection :)
The hope is that the reason for my breakouts is that my body doesn't get ride of it's toxins, so they come out my face..oh joy. Keep your fingers crossed, if this doesn't work..I'll have to figure out a way to burn it off completely!


Emily said...

It has been so long since I have checked on your blog, so much to see. First, I love cory's new project. Second I think it great that you are finishing school, I would love to do the same. Last, I am right there with you on the teenage acne. I always wonder when it will stop. Let me know how it works. I have wondered about proactive or micro derma.
Good luck. Tell the family HI

Celeste said...

First of all, your face is beautiful and your breakouts aren't as noticable as you think, but I know it's a personal image thing. Regardless of what others feel or see, it's what you feel and see. I've been contemplating a chemical peel for my scars since I pick so bad (on my arms and face). Anyways, about the detox, it's something I've been thinking about for a few years. They have a show on TV here where people go to a Detox Spa for their illnesses and it helps ALL of them. You've inspired me to do an at home detox, once I'm done nursing at least :0 Let me know how yours goes!

Celeste said...

I just looking into that link further, it's old. This one is better.

Jenn said...

Maybe you are taking too many vitamins. I have heard that too many vitamins causes acne. Something to think about...:)

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