Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tag Game

Tag I'm it...

*3 joys: 1.Cory, Jayden & our families 2.Seeing Jayden grow, learn and be so smart! 3.Mommy & Daddy time
*3 fears: 1.Failing 2.Disapointment 3.To lose a loved one
*3 goals 1. My Bachelors with High Honors 2.To have clear skin 3.To compete in a barrel race (owning a horse might help!)
*3 current obsessions/collections 1. obsession - School 2. obsession - Blogs 3. obsession - Big Brother
*3 random surprising facts about me 1.I always second guess myself 2.I get ready everyday, whether I leave the house or not..sort've obsessed 3.I love BIG TRUCKS! I love to drive, ride in them and I love anything that goes fast!
Ok I tag anyone that hasn't done this yet.....................Your It!!!

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