Friday, August 22, 2008

Speed Demon!

Monday after work I decided that Jayden and I would head to Wally World to see if they had any two wheeler bikes his size, with training wheels of course. We found one that he liked and he's been addicted ever since.
We started out just by the house on the sidewalk and I figured I would stay by him because he would be nervous. Apparently, I forgot who my child was because as soon as his feet hit the peddles he was going so fast I was running yelling 'Wait, let me teach you how to do that!' Ü
We showed Daddy when he got home and he was impressed with the little chip off the ol' block. He loves showing people how good he can ride. I also put pictures on here when my Aunt Laurie and I took him to Jensen Park in Syracuse on Thursday. He loved the ducks and rode his bike all over the
He's mastered peddling, not so hot on the brakes. He jumps off the back when he's ready to stop. Sometimes he hits the peddles backwards & gives himself whiplash from the brakes. So, it's a work in progress but nonetheless, he's our little boy Genius

What camera mom? I think I just ate a bug!

Why don't you just push me up the hill Dad?

He just keeps going and going...

Hot off the Truck & Ready to go!

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Celeste said...

No wonder he is so excited...look at all those bikes and toys in the garage!!!

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