Saturday, August 2, 2008

School Days!

That's right! I've started school again. For those of you asking 'Has she lost her mind?' The answer is, YES I have.

I finished (2) associates degrees in 2002. One in Business Management and one in Accounting. When I completed them, I always had the intention of finishing my Bachelor's, I just needed a break. Well that break turned into 6 years, oops! I had actually started the enrollment process when we got back from our Honeymoon in '05, but when I found out I was pregnant I decided it wasn't a good time.

My original thought has always been to complete it before I was 30, my how time flies. So I've enrolled, started my first class and in 20 or so months I'll have my Bachelor's in Business Management. All I can say is College is a lot harder than I remembered. I'm doing flex net classes so I'm in actual class one night every 4 weeks, the rest is online and working with a learning team. So far after one night of class, I've spent about 4-5 hours just since Thursday on homework :)

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep up my balancing act with Mommy, Wife, Work & School. I'll be sure to keep you posted if my head's still above water or not!

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Celeste said...

I'm so excited for you to be in school! You've got so much going on, but I bet you won't regret it! Good luck!

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