Friday, August 22, 2008

Kids do the darndest things.....

With Cory having a lot going on this week, Jayden and I have had fun with the bike rides, duck park and tonight we played in the kitchen. He entertained himself with marshmallow's and muffin tins (I know what you're thinking, but hey.. it works!)

I got shots of him putting on his own shoes, which BTW he put on the CORRECT feet!! And then the money shots happened. He was 'helping' mommy stir some sweet tea for Cory and Uncle Mark and I thought to myself 'Oh, how cute would it be to do a self portrait of me and Jayden?' so I said
'Jayden, want to take a picture with Mommy?'
and he said "YES!!

With his exciting tone, so I assumed he was giving the camera a big cheesy you can see that was not the case! I can't believe the look he is giving the camera, I laughed so hard I snorted and I'm pretty sure I peed a little!!

I couldn't help but add quotes, I'd love to know what he was thinking!!
BTW, anyone notice the almost acne free face???

"I wonder how I can get all of these in my nose?"
One, Two, Buckle my Shoes!
'What a sucker, she actually thinks I'm falling for this picture thing?!' Finally, one good shot! 100% Boy

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Celeste said...

That first picture of the two of you is SOO cute...I laughed pretty hard too. What a cutie! AND your face does look fab!

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