Sunday, August 10, 2008

The joys of toddlers....

This weekend my sister in law Shanna brought me her old laptop (which isn't old at all :) to do school work on. As she deleted some of her files, she had pictures of Jayden on there over the last 2 1/2 years. I've attached some for you to see, isn't he so cute???

As I saw his baby pictures, I can't help but think how big he is getting and all the fun new things he's learning everyday. Here are just a few of Jayden's 'quirks' that we get to enjoy each day!

  • We went to Costco with Diane on Thursday to get some trees and Cory picked Jayden up some winter pajama's (with the feet in them) one had frogs, the other had monkeys. Jayden liked the frogs so much he had to sleep in them that night and wear them to daycare the next day...I'm sure Georgia thinks we're insane!
  • He loves to wrestle with his dad, he does a 'wrestle mania' move when Cory is laying on the floor. He'll run and jump and land on Cory's head butt first.
  • He has white blanket that my friend Andrea got for him, it's soft on one side and silk on the other. He REFUSES to go to bed without it, and he hates to put it in the washer. It's a ceremony...he has to put it in the washer and give it a kiss. It's been his 'wubby' for about 1 1/2 years now.
  • He is super fast on his scooter. It didn't take him long to master the skill of the scooter. He goes fast down the driveway and takes the corners like a pro. It gives me a heart attack every time I see him do it. We've had a few accidents, and when we do he tells me 'Mommy, scoot naughty!'
  • He loves to play at Grandma Diane's, he usually ends up naked in her back yard with the hose. The only bad thing is he attacks, Shanna and I have ended up running several times!
  • Cory's taught him how to shake it, after he is done taking a bath Jayden will run out to me naked and shake his butt with his arms up and says 'Who-hoo Mommy'! I feel a bit sorry for his future wife, may they always have a house with blinds!
  • He loves to help mommy cook. He likes to operate the mixer and pour sugar into everything. He tells me 'Mommy, me help, me help'
  • He loves his Uncle James and Uncle Mark (Mark is Cory's uncle who comes to work on trucks) Anytime those two are around, usually everyone else becomes second best. If we go to Lauries house he tells me the whole way there 'Jeemes, mommy see Jeemes'
  • He loves Alison, Jayden loves my sisters baby. Any time we are around her we have to watch him close. He forgets that he's a big boy and she's just a baby! We've had several catastrophes with Jayden pulling her off the couch onto the floor. I think it's a given that I hurt all of Laurie's kids before their 1!
  • Jayden loves all things motorized, especially if Daddy is working on it.
  • He likes to go to Lowes and the grocery store. If we pass a Smith's, he's points and says 'We go to Store mommy?'

These are just a few of our favorite things about Jayden. He's getting so smart by the day. We love you handsome boy!

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Lindgren Family said...

Cute idea, they grow so fast. I had to laugh when we babysat Jayden and he kept telling Kenley he wanted the scoot. You have a very sweet boy. I am glad Daxton and him are so close in age.

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