Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tag Game

Tag I'm it...

*3 joys: 1.Cory, Jayden & our families 2.Seeing Jayden grow, learn and be so smart! 3.Mommy & Daddy time
*3 fears: 1.Failing 2.Disapointment 3.To lose a loved one
*3 goals 1. My Bachelors with High Honors 2.To have clear skin 3.To compete in a barrel race (owning a horse might help!)
*3 current obsessions/collections 1. obsession - School 2. obsession - Blogs 3. obsession - Big Brother
*3 random surprising facts about me 1.I always second guess myself 2.I get ready everyday, whether I leave the house or not..sort've obsessed 3.I love BIG TRUCKS! I love to drive, ride in them and I love anything that goes fast!
Ok I tag anyone that hasn't done this yet.....................Your It!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Finished Basement

Too Sexy for my shorts!

I went to get Jayden up this morning and he looked so cute in his little 'panties' (Not potty trained yet, just likes to wear them over his diaper) That and he looks like a giant in that toddler bed, I swear he'll be 14 before I know it, so I couldn't help but get a black mail shot!
What are mothers for in not to torture their children, right?! I also got some cute shots of Jayden & Harrison playing the couches while James and Cory were working on trucks...they play so cute together...of course until one of them (usually Harrison) gets hurt!

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Kids do the darndest things.....

With Cory having a lot going on this week, Jayden and I have had fun with the bike rides, duck park and tonight we played in the kitchen. He entertained himself with marshmallow's and muffin tins (I know what you're thinking, but hey.. it works!)

I got shots of him putting on his own shoes, which BTW he put on the CORRECT feet!! And then the money shots happened. He was 'helping' mommy stir some sweet tea for Cory and Uncle Mark and I thought to myself 'Oh, how cute would it be to do a self portrait of me and Jayden?' so I said
'Jayden, want to take a picture with Mommy?'
and he said "YES!!

With his exciting tone, so I assumed he was giving the camera a big cheesy smile....as you can see that was not the case! I can't believe the look he is giving the camera, I laughed so hard I snorted and I'm pretty sure I peed a little!!

I couldn't help but add quotes, I'd love to know what he was thinking!!
BTW, anyone notice the almost acne free face???

"I wonder how I can get all of these in my nose?"
One, Two, Buckle my Shoes!
'What a sucker, she actually thinks I'm falling for this picture thing?!' Finally, one good shot! 100% Boy

Party Time...

While Cory was away getting another 'one of a kind', we had our Corporate Training office party at our house.
I set up the slide for the kids, mostly Jayden ran in and out of it with about 7 different outfits throughout the night! We had BBQ meat from Sniders, courtesy of the boss lady & I suckered Melissa's hubby Benton into cooking for us.
We had a fun night of friends, food & sprinklers...Sorry Tyson!! Ü I knew I forgot something! We also played water balloon volleyball and everyone made it out dry except for Melissa, who's crotch didn't make out so lucky!
After all was said and done and my house was full of bugs and flies :( It was a great night and I'm glad we did it, hopefully we can continue the tradition next year.

Thanks for the great time!

Can anyone say Dejavu??

Cory went last weekend to bring home yet again another Mustang. This one he assures me is 'one of kind' my... there are a lot of those Ü

Trip to Vegas....$400

2 Blown out tires...$150

Seeing the smile on your son's face when Daddy brought home 'his car'....priceless

'68 GTA Mustang Coupe, rare 390 Big Block (engine girls, engine)
Anyone want to place some bets on how long we have this one??? :)

Love you babe!!

Speed Demon!

Monday after work I decided that Jayden and I would head to Wally World to see if they had any two wheeler bikes his size, with training wheels of course. We found one that he liked and he's been addicted ever since.
We started out just by the house on the sidewalk and I figured I would stay by him because he would be nervous. Apparently, I forgot who my child was because as soon as his feet hit the peddles he was going so fast I was running yelling 'Wait, let me teach you how to do that!' Ü
We showed Daddy when he got home and he was impressed with the little chip off the ol' block. He loves showing people how good he can ride. I also put pictures on here when my Aunt Laurie and I took him to Jensen Park in Syracuse on Thursday. He loved the ducks and rode his bike all over the
He's mastered peddling, not so hot on the brakes. He jumps off the back when he's ready to stop. Sometimes he hits the peddles backwards & gives himself whiplash from the brakes. So, it's a work in progress but nonetheless, he's our little boy Genius

What camera mom? I think I just ate a bug!

Why don't you just push me up the hill Dad?

He just keeps going and going...

Hot off the Truck & Ready to go!


I'm a little late in posting this, but such is life Ü Cory volunteered to put a waterfall in his mom's backyard, she's been hinting ever since we got ours and he finally started the project.

Here are some pictures of the progress, my husband never ceases to amaze me with his talents. He sees it and all of sudden there it is! No training, no instructions just raw talent!

Of course, no project would be complete without the help from Mr. Jayden!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


The joys of toddlers....

This weekend my sister in law Shanna brought me her old laptop (which isn't old at all :) to do school work on. As she deleted some of her files, she had pictures of Jayden on there over the last 2 1/2 years. I've attached some for you to see, isn't he so cute???

As I saw his baby pictures, I can't help but think how big he is getting and all the fun new things he's learning everyday. Here are just a few of Jayden's 'quirks' that we get to enjoy each day!

  • We went to Costco with Diane on Thursday to get some trees and Cory picked Jayden up some winter pajama's (with the feet in them) one had frogs, the other had monkeys. Jayden liked the frogs so much he had to sleep in them that night and wear them to daycare the next day...I'm sure Georgia thinks we're insane!
  • He loves to wrestle with his dad, he does a 'wrestle mania' move when Cory is laying on the floor. He'll run and jump and land on Cory's head butt first.
  • He has white blanket that my friend Andrea got for him, it's soft on one side and silk on the other. He REFUSES to go to bed without it, and he hates to put it in the washer. It's a ceremony...he has to put it in the washer and give it a kiss. It's been his 'wubby' for about 1 1/2 years now.
  • He is super fast on his scooter. It didn't take him long to master the skill of the scooter. He goes fast down the driveway and takes the corners like a pro. It gives me a heart attack every time I see him do it. We've had a few accidents, and when we do he tells me 'Mommy, scoot naughty!'
  • He loves to play at Grandma Diane's, he usually ends up naked in her back yard with the hose. The only bad thing is he attacks, Shanna and I have ended up running several times!
  • Cory's taught him how to shake it, after he is done taking a bath Jayden will run out to me naked and shake his butt with his arms up and says 'Who-hoo Mommy'! I feel a bit sorry for his future wife, may they always have a house with blinds!
  • He loves to help mommy cook. He likes to operate the mixer and pour sugar into everything. He tells me 'Mommy, me help, me help'
  • He loves his Uncle James and Uncle Mark (Mark is Cory's uncle who comes to work on trucks) Anytime those two are around, usually everyone else becomes second best. If we go to Lauries house he tells me the whole way there 'Jeemes, mommy see Jeemes'
  • He loves Alison, Jayden loves my sisters baby. Any time we are around her we have to watch him close. He forgets that he's a big boy and she's just a baby! We've had several catastrophes with Jayden pulling her off the couch onto the floor. I think it's a given that I hurt all of Laurie's kids before their 1!
  • Jayden loves all things motorized, especially if Daddy is working on it.
  • He likes to go to Lowes and the grocery store. If we pass a Smith's, he's points and says 'We go to Store mommy?'

These are just a few of our favorite things about Jayden. He's getting so smart by the day. We love you handsome boy!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

To Cleanse or not to Cleanse

For those of you who know me well probably are aware of my extreme hatred of my face. Well, maybe not so much my actual face but the acne that comes with it.
I'm almost 30 years old and I have teenage acne that NEVER goes away. It's on my mind constantly, I'm extremely obsessed with my appearance (yes I'm aware I have a problem) and my skin doesn't help in that matter. I see a esthetician on a monthly basis, get chemical peels, extractions and every other device from the devil. Nothing seems to take it away, so this last appointment my esthetician recommended a detox.
I've been skeptical because I'm not real excited to put herbal remedies in my body, but I've tried everything else and I hate dermatologist pills, so detox here I come. I've included a link that talks about the process...be aware, not for the faint of stomach. Colon and Toxin cleansing is basically getting rid of all the junk your body holds onto. There are heavy duty $100 programs but since I'm just testing the waters, I decided to go to my local health food store and get a cheaper $25 starter kit.
Basically, I take 2 cleansing pills and 4 fiber pills twice a day (12 pills..yikes!) I'm on day 10 and I've noticed a difference. I don't feel as bloated and I can definitely tell a difference in my bathroom habits. Not enough to cause concern or make it so I can't work or function, so we'll see what happens. It's a 30 day process, I'll report back on day 30! So far along with the pills and my last chemical peel I do see a difference in my skin. I hoping more improvement, because I demand perfection :)
The hope is that the reason for my breakouts is that my body doesn't get ride of it's toxins, so they come out my face..oh joy. Keep your fingers crossed, if this doesn't work..I'll have to figure out a way to burn it off completely!

School Days!

That's right! I've started school again. For those of you asking 'Has she lost her mind?' The answer is, YES I have.

I finished (2) associates degrees in 2002. One in Business Management and one in Accounting. When I completed them, I always had the intention of finishing my Bachelor's, I just needed a break. Well that break turned into 6 years, oops! I had actually started the enrollment process when we got back from our Honeymoon in '05, but when I found out I was pregnant I decided it wasn't a good time.

My original thought has always been to complete it before I was 30, my how time flies. So I've enrolled, started my first class and in 20 or so months I'll have my Bachelor's in Business Management. All I can say is College is a lot harder than I remembered. I'm doing flex net classes so I'm in actual class one night every 4 weeks, the rest is online and working with a learning team. So far after one night of class, I've spent about 4-5 hours just since Thursday on homework :)

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep up my balancing act with Mommy, Wife, Work & School. I'll be sure to keep you posted if my head's still above water or not!

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