Thursday, July 17, 2008

What the??!!

Here is what Cory came home with tonight...needless to say I was speechless! For those of you who aren't car savvy...'67 Mustang Coupe.
It was the latest and greatest deal that he'd found. I must say, Cory has such vision to be able to look at these 'treasures' and see the possibilities...maybe that's why he married me...he saw the possibilities ;)

He has a lot of plans for our new addition, which should feel right at home along with the other projects he has going a.k.a. POS's! Let's take a quick review:
1946 Ford Pickup (Storage Shed, doesn't run well it did once)
1967 Mustang Coupe (Look at the pictures...need I say more!)
1973 Ford F350/Old Blue (This one has a place in my heart, solely from who Cory bought it from...thanks Papa! He's had this one the longest, they've been together almost 8 years - such competition for me!
Notice all 3 are Fords that he is working on, yet he drives an 04 Chevy Duramax (I love lifted trucks, so it's my favorite)

Cory has a condition that I call Vehicle ADD, he loves loves loves to buy buy buy usually buys high, sells low. Still can't figure that one out! I think mostly he loves the idea that he can be the one to make it live up to it's potential. I'm told I have to say now, 'I can't complain because he spent a year finishing our basement'

The good thing is that we never usually have these treasures for long. He buys with the intent to finish, usually waits until he gets frustrated with the process or finds another 'astonishing deal' and sells again. He loves to barter with people about prices of cars. He'll drive through a neighborhood, see a parked car and knock on the door to ask if they'll sell!

Jayden's already caught the fever and loves helping dad. So I guess there is only one thing left to say, welcome home Ford Mustang, welcome home!

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Lindgren Family said...

I like what you wrote about Cory marrying you, he saw the possibilites. I laughed, that was cute. I doubt it though, I think he knew how great of a wife you were before he married you. One of these days Cory will suprise you and make money from one of his projects. Thanks again for watching my rugrats tonight, I like the deal we have going on. I really will watch Jayden on weeknights too.

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