Sunday, July 20, 2008

Super Slide!

Yesterday I put up our new slide 'The Plunge'. My mom split it with me...thanks Grandma Jo!! We watched my friend Kallie's kids and I had invited Laurie and her kids to come over, Lisa brought the babies for a bit. It took Jayden awhile to warm up to it, as you can see from the slide show he liked his tiny castle slide a bit better. Daxton (Kallie's boy) who is a couple of months older than Jayden went right up the slide..he had no fear!

The older kids seemed to enjoy it, we had to remind Cole & Ethan to refrain from gymnastics...but they did great! I think Brynne caught air in one of the pictures. It was fun to have everyone over, we cooked hot dogs for the kids and Laurie got some Pace's take out. BTW, my brother in law (James) ate 2 hamburgers, 1 hot dog and lots of fries. That boy can EAT!! We also introduced him to our candy cabinet..he forgot how good baby ruth's are. Cory and I always have candy in the house, candy, pop you name it! I love to spoil my nieces & nephews, it makes me smile when they come to Aunt Kimmies and can play in the fridge or get fun snacks.

I spent about 45 minutes today getting that thing back in it's bag...I swear they do something to it so it never goes back the way it came. I sat on it, jumped on it and worked up a sweat. I might have muttered a few curse words along the way :( But I did get it back in the bag, so what if it's bulging around the sides! Needless to say it was a lot easier to put it up then take it down! At least the neighbors got a laugh I'm sure!

We hope to have a lot more fun summer days with the slide & pool, hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Melissa, Benton, and Roxy said...

You are the best aunt ever! That slide looks like a ton of fun. I'm excited to see your house next month!

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