Sunday, July 6, 2008

Star Valley

We went camping this weekend with The Younger's and my parents. We met up with my parents at their lot in Star Valley. It was a GREAT weekend, a nice get-a-way from the 100 Degree weather and into the mountains with the cool high 80's!

We had a fun filled weekend with hiking up to 'The Periodic Spring' with the whole family. (Yes, Dad made it the up the mountain without falling into a crevasse!) It was really fun...Cory wasn't too impressed with the 10 mile dirt road and his truck. But he was a trooper and made the truck ride and hiked the whole way!

Jayden loved throwing rocks into the river, a bit scary since the water was really high and fast. The spring was beautiful at the top, notice in the picture I'm gripping onto the was really high and steep! There was still snow up there and you could just feel the cold water coming out of the mountain.

On the way down, I ran into my high school friend Andrea and her husband, talk about an unlikely meeting! It was fun seeing them.
We also had fun at the pool, Jayden is doing so well with being brave and swimming. He also got to play with Uncle James in the bumper boats and we went on a bike ride around the park and surrounding cabins.

We had a great time with The Youngers & my parents. We don't do that stuff very often, so I'm glad we went. Cole got to ride up with us and home, he entertained Jayden so I was grateful. We had a few scares, like Jayden running out in the middle of the road and almost getting hit by a car. Brynne took Jayden & Harrison for a walk in the wagon and when she came back the wagon was empty. But we all made it home safely! Poor Laurie didn't get much sleep with little Alison & Harrison at night. She does such a great job with all of her kids, she amazes me!
Before we went up, I emailed my sisters and asked them to put together a 'Top 10' list of their favorite memories of each of us. So the three of us compiled our own top 10 of each other. I also put one together for my mom and dad. I was so excited to read them to my parents when we got up to Star Valley..however, Laurie had the same idea. She had printed them the just like I did...we raced to the trailer to be the first one to read the top 10! We must be related ;) It was fun to read them to mom and dad. They were mostly funny...the kind that's only funny to your family and no one else.. a couple tear jerkers. Mostly it reminded us of how lucky we are to have sisters and two parents who love us and gave us good examples to live on in our own families!

On the way home, we blew out a tire on the trailer that scared me a bit. Of course my prepared husband had the jack & every tool you can imagine in the truck. I always ask 'Why are you bringing all that?' every time we go. Much to Cory's satisfaction, he was able to look at me and say 'THIS is why I bring this stuff!!' I'm glad I have such a handy man husband!!
It was a really fun weekend, but it's so nice to be home. As I look at all the weeds in my backyard, I'm thinking to myself...that's what I'll be doing next weekend :(


Lindgren Family said...

I love the new blog background, good job! I see you figured out the slide show. Sounds like you guys had a blast. I guess I haven't seen Cory in a long time, I didn't know he had a full beard.

Emily said...

What a fun get away. I am ready for an escape from the 110 degree weather.
I love the new blog.

Andrea said...

Cute pictures! It was funny seeing you on the hike! Your little family looks very happy. Take care!

Taylor's mom said...

I love your pictures, You did such a great job and it shows just how much fun you had. You'll have to tell me more about the hike when I get to work. I'm glad you had a fun time and family is the greatest blessing God gave us!

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