Thursday, July 17, 2008

Here Fishy, Fishy

I've wanted to post a picture of our waterfall this year and have failed to do so until now. Cory built this for me 3 years ago and it's taken about that long for everything we planted to truly come to life and look spectacular.

We bought 4 fish, just goldfish because Koi are way expensive. They all four lasted all three years even through the winter freezing the pond. I named them Fred, Ethel, Lucy & Ricky. Two of them mysteriously disappeared this year, I'm thinking a neighbors cat got lucky fishing one morning. Anyway, there are two fish left who are quite big. They started out at 2 inches and they've made it up to 6 inches!

Last year, while feeding the fish we found a garden snake bathing on a rock under the waterfall...I think I screamed, Cory went and got a shovel and after several attempts took care of it. I'm scared to weed the back part now, because who knows what's living in there. But for the most part, we keep it under control.
I love to sit on the front porch at night, see the light on the pond and listen to the waterfall, Cory did such a great job on it!

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