Sunday, May 25, 2008


When I got home from work with Jayden last week, he wanted to see the fish in our pond. As we walked to the front of the house we heard a baby bird being noisy. This isn't unusal because every year we have a nest in our eves above the front door, but this time it was quite a bit louder than normal.
Jayden proceeded to yell 'Bird, mommy, Bird!' and sure enough, there was a baby bird who seemed to have fallen off the roof. He was making quite a racket, and I didn't want to leave him there so Jayden had this great idea to get a shoe box and take it to the local shelter a.k.a. West Point Aviary

Lisa was so great! She took our little bird without hesitation and had him eating within minutes! She's done her homework and found out that our little bird is a Starling. Quite common for people to take these birds in as pets and they even talk.
Sun up to sun down he eats, then sleeps at night. Even Kayli has learned to feed him. We're glad we had a part in helping the little guy..if you can't tell by the smile on Jayden's face.

The only disagreement we had was the name..I voted for Star and Lisa voted Peepers. Since she's feeding him, her vote won.

Good luck Star!! (he he!)


Lindgren Family said...

Kim, you changed your blog. Cute, I do the same thing until I really find one I like. It's is funny that you showed me the pictures of the bird of Friday, over the weekend Daxton discovered a bird's nest on our house. He yelled "A bird on my house". When we looked it took off from the nest but continued to circle until we went away. I will have to keep an eye on it to make sure no babies fall out. If they do I will know just who to call.

LisaS said...

My offer still stands, I will wean him and give you a cage and he can come live with Jayden! Jayden would be so thrilled to have is own little birdie:)
PEEPERS, is doing wonderful! And were hoping is first words are PEEPER! And savior 'kimmie' will be the first to know :)

Love ya!!!

Celeste said...

What a cute picture! I'm so proud of Jayden and soo glad Lisa was able to help in the rescue!!!

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