Saturday, May 3, 2008

St. George

Last weekend I had to go down to St. George to train the new employees for the branch they're building. So Cory and I decided to make a family trip out of it. His Uncle Bob & Aunt Anne live down there with their kids and families. Cory lived with them while he attended Dixie College for about a year and they've been close ever since. We camped in Hurricane, which by the way had Hurricane force winds ALL the time! Camping wasn't all that spectacular but we were able to get in two fun nights with the family. Cory's grandma Gen (in picture with Uncle Bob) and grandpa Bill were able to come up from Logandale, NV for a BBQ. Jayden had so much fun playing with his cousins, they had 5 ranging in age from 7 years to 9 months. Let's see how good I do remembering all the names! Ryan & Melinda have 2 boys Logan & Tyler with a little girl on the way. Brian & Marcie have a little girl Mckenna with another little girl on the way. Andy & Emily have two boys (none on the way) Carter & Luke and then Brandon & Camille are expecting their first in 2 months. Needless to say it's a busy busy family! They were so welcoming and Cory absolutely loves being with them, you can see it in his face whenever they're around. They are such a special family and it was truly quality time at it's best. I really had a good time visiting with Anne and the girls. Cory and I decided it's something we'll have to plan each year. The Monday after we were there, Bob fell ill and had to spend some time in the hospital. Bob, we love you and hope you are doing well!


Emily said...

Youre nice to make it sound like Cory's family isn't as crazy as we really are. You guys are so cute and I am so glad Cory got so lucky to find you. BTW the flowers you guys sent are beautiful. AND I really hope you make it to Deal or no Deal, keep us posted.

Chelsea (Cj) said...

I love the page and I'm glad you all had a good time down there. I miss you all and I love ya'll tons and tons

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