Saturday, May 3, 2008

Brynne's Birthday

Two weeks ago we went to Classic Skating in Layton for my niece's birthday. Cory had to work late, so I loaded Jayden up and off we went. I wasn't for sure if he'd like it or not, he's been playing with scooter's at daycare and seems to do ok. He actually was pretty shy at first, he wouldn't go on the rink with the scooter, that might have something do with the fact they only had Dora scooters left :) After about an hour he let Mommy push him around the rink (the entire rink ;) with him on it. We had a good time with everyone. Laurie...I'm still laughing about your husband on the harness! LOL!! It was actually a good time, since I work 40 hours a week it's hard to find time to do fun quality things together. I was glad Jayden and I were able to have a date!

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